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I help women awaken to their sacred soul and create a successful fulfilling life after trauma



I am Kaz Olive, owner of Olive Therapies. 

As an energy healer and therapist, Kaz offers transformational guidance for women who seek to heal from trauma and create a life of harmony.  

Her programs and healings have healed many women’s lives around the world by using a whole-self healing approach to support women to connect to their own sacred wisdom. 


I aim to assist women to heal themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually through intentionally connecting to their highest self, and developing a greater sense of worth and self-belief so they can be empowered to live a fulfilled life.

I believe the answer to everything is in love through our connection to our highest self. We are more powerful than we know and have the ability to heal our bodies and our inner world.

I am here to inspire and empower you and guide you to heal and create the meaningful life of your dreams.

Who am I?

I am Kaz Olive, I am based in Perth, Western Australia.

I have been on a healing journey through my personal experience of trauma from domestic violence and a journey through cancer. I have emerged out the other end healed and free and I now help women awaken to their sacred soul after trauma. 


I am a qualified therapist and energy healer. I have a decade of experience in supporting and advocating for women experiencing family domestic violence for a non-for-profit organisation.


I will show you how to let go and free yourself!

You will get to enjoy learning and developing personal growth in the comfort of your own home. Courses cover topics such as, how to improve your belief in self, discovering a deeper love for you, healing after trauma, rebuilding and transforming your life of purpose, and breaking old patterns and much more. Whether you are new to personal growth, meditation and mindfulness or have been practicing for many years you can join me where you are at right now.



Counselling and Healing sessions are Confidential.

I offer counselling appointments via Zoom or Face to Face in person. I am here to give you a safe space to express your truth with no judgement in total confidentiality. I use a solution focused approach.

I am down to earth and as real as they come. I provide Clarity, and use various tools such as oracle cards, mindfulness techniques, reiki healing and energy clearing, intuitive guidance.



Live your life full of meaning and purpose. You will be inspired, lit up, and gain clarity. You will laugh and have fun and get creative with your new tribe. You will get clear, empowered, and excited about your destiny.

Our destinations are specifically chosen based on where our soul feels connected, and at peace and we also add some bucket list adventures! And of course, we will be enjoying some delicious cuisines together.


Have a question?

I am grateful to answer your questions and receive your messages. All enquiries are handled in confidence and your privacy is respected.